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Designing and building world class systems for gaming and hospitality industries.

What is COMS?

Our Customer and Operations Management System (‘COMS’) exists to provide a single source of truth to your gaming or hospitality business requirements. The COMS solution was first developed in 2006 as a foundation platform enabling almost limitless expansion through the development of bespoke modules.

COMS can be accessed from any location with internet access via a computer, laptop or iPad. This means your staff, venue operators and service providers have instant access to any information stored within COMS, subject to the security permissions assigned.

COMS integrates with many third‐party systems and technologies leveraging the existing workflow tools and business systems used by many companies today.

Software as a Service

COMS is a software as a service (SAAS) application which means:

  • there is no requirement for you to purchase hardware equipment
  • upgrades are performed in the background without you having to do anything
  • your data is stored in a secure offsite data center
  • your data is automatically backed up daily
  • you can access COMS anywhere you have internet access.

COMS Current Market Share

COMS have systems currently in use with over 90% of the New Zealand Class 4 Gaming Societies.

COMS currently has over 12000 licensed and operating EGM’s stored in Society Level COMS “Master Instances”. This is over 80% of the Licensed EGM’s in the New Zealand Class 4 Gaming Industry.

We have over 700 QEC (Venue Management Systems) installed in licenced Class 4 gaming venues and we provide COMS Cash Management (our online cash reconciliation system) to over 600 licensed Class 4 gaming venues.

Our Products

COMS is made up of the following products and integrations: