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Grants Database

A simple, efficient, secure solution for managing the grants process from start to finish.

Streamline your grants management process with our easy-to-use, accurate and customisable solution.

Real-time reporting – Quick view of fund balances.

Fraud detection – Warns administrators of possible duplicate applications.

Familiar – Same process every time.

Efficient – No re-entering or re-uploading organisation’s information when re-applying.  

Communications portal – Easy contact between applicant and administrator, stored in one place.

Status updates – Real-time insights on application’s progress.  

Transparent – All information available at a glance.

Compliance and accountability – Easily and quickly upload financial accountability documentation. 

Easy online approval – Approve grants from anywhere, any time.

Secure – Multi-factor authentication. 

Making the grants management process a whole lot easier.

We know the frustrations community funders and grantmakers face when it comes to managing grants. You’re tired of old-school, tedious manual systems that are full of flaws and prone to error. You want a system that’s simple, reliable, accurate and that meets your specific needs.

That’s why our experienced team of tech-minded innovators developed the Grants Database which takes care of all those fiddly details for you, wrapping up the entire grants management process in one seamless, intuitive and simple cloud-based system.

Completely customisable

Because our clever team of designers are 100% in-house, we’re able to move quickly and easily to get you set up on the system (which we’ll fully customised to suit your needs).

Support on tap

We offer a simple set-up process, individualised support, and advice on tap. 

Free demo

Try out the system before you commit. Give us a call and we’ll get you sorted. We’ll even come to you.  

Streamline your grants process today.