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Grants Database

COMS provides a comprehensive ‘grants database’ solution to help NZ Class 4 gaming societies process their grant applications in an easy, transparent and compliant manner.

The Administrator Dashboard

Benefits to Society

Standard codification

Effective application management

Easy and effective communication between Applicants and Grant Administrators.

Validation Management
Validation management that warns administrators of possible duplicate applications between Societies.

Online application approval for Board members.

Real-time reporting 
Allowing administrators to keep a close eye on fund balances.

Benefits to Applicants

Single or familiar process
Applicants will experience the same familiar process regardless of which society the applicant is applying with.

Quick process
Once information is captured, the applicant does not have to re-enter or re-upload organisational Information when applying a second time around, even if applying with a different Society.

The system uses multi-factor authentication

Real-time Insights
An applicant dashboard that gives real-time visibility on the progress of application/s.

Allows applicants to upload financial accountability documentation with minimal effort.