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QEC (Qcom Event Capture) is a front of house gaming system that has been the industry leading product since its release. 

Key Features

  • Real Time Notification of all gaming machine events & meters
  • Real time Float Management with "Early Empty" ability
  • Accurate Hopper & Banknote monitoring
  • Hopper Refill and Cancel Credit docket printing
  • Room Sweep Reminders with Harm Min Pop Ups
  • Automatic identification of EGM service issues

Real Time Float Management

QEC float management accounts for all cash involved in the entire gaming operation and allows venues to produce a float report at the start, end or at any time during a shift.


QEC fully integrates with the following systems:

  • CITO & CRT

QEC is the only product in New Zealand that integrates with the Ticket 2 Go CITO System.

QEC allows the scanning of tickets and float management. Both Cash Redemption Terminals are linked to QEC. COMS Cash Management provides your venues with a system to balance CITO.


We use Teamviewer on both our QEC units and to support our venues. To download Teamviewer 14 please click the button below or alternatively visit their website

The Dashboard

The Dashboard utilises colour to display information at a glance. With each colour representing a different status.

Green: EGM is operating normally
Yellow: Caution (ie. a machine door is open)
Red: Issue (ie. a hopper refill or cancelled credit)
Purple: Machine is in play (also shows EGM credit value)

The selection of an individual machine from the Dashboard presents you with:

  • Previous Jackpots won
  • EGM Soft meters snapshot view
  • Event log showing recent QCOM Events


Many variations of QEC exist.  This is due to the numerous different products that QEC can integrate with. The Tip sheet PDF you can download below is for our standard QEC 2.8 version. Please contact us for other versions.

System options

Quick installation, cost effective, flexible and upgradable, QEC can be displayed on any of the following (note certain specifications are required):

Full POS System


  • High Spec POS Terminal
  • Kiosk Control – No Windows Access
  • Thermal Printer
  • Cash Drawer with Kick
  • TP Link Router
  • QEC Sniffer

NUC & Touch Screen

The QEC NUC has the same functionality as the Full POS System but uses a 23” or 15” Touch Screen and NUC Mini PC rather than a POS (point of sale) PC.

The QEC NUC System does not include a till draw or thermal printer as standard, but these are able to be added on if the venue requires them.


  • Intel NUC
  • 23" or 15" touch screen
  • Kiosk Control – No Windows Access
  • TP Link Router
  • QEC Sniffer

Optional extras

  • Printer
  • Till drawer & kick

Can be wall mounted.

Tablet option

The QEC Tablet has the same functionality as the Full POS System but uses an ‘all in one’ tablet rather than a POS.


  • Tablet PC
  • Kiosk Control – No Windows Access
  • TP Link Router
  • QEC Sniffer

Optional extras

  • Printer
  • Till drawer & kick

Can be wall mounted.

Interested in finding out more?

If you have more questions or are interested in implementing QEC into your gaming lounge please get in touch for a no obligation chat.