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About Us

Who are we?

We’re a team of tech-minded innovators committed to delivering systems that make your lives a whole lot simpler.

Our directors have first-hand experience working with all those old-school, tedious manual systems that are full of flaws and prone to error. 

So they know your struggles.   

Fortunately, those days can be put behind you for good, as we’ve developed automated systems that are reliable, customisable and simple.

We never stop innovating

We’re industry-leading for a reason: Our products and systems never stop evolving. 

We’re continually coming up with new ideas. These come from talking with our customers, or by looking at what’s being done overseas. 

But sometimes it’s simply a lightbulb moment from one of our brilliant Designer or Directors. And next thing we know, there’s a shiny new product (or upgrade) on the shelf. 

We're agile

Because our clever team of designers are 100% in-house, we’re able to move quickly and easily to get you set up. 

This also gives us flexibility - we can customise products and systems (quickly) to suit your needs. 

We put people first

At the end of the day, we’re designing for people. That’s why our approach is human-centred. We offer individualised support, customised solutions, simple set-up process, and support and advice on tap. 

We want the system to work as smoothly as it possibly can. No question is a silly question, and our friendly team are pros at running you through each product in simple terms, so you feel at ease.

We're trusted

We have a large customer base who love our products. This includes over 90% of New Zealand’s Class 4 Gaming Societies who use our products.

Beyond the gaming industry

While many of our products are specifically designed for the gaming and hospitality industry, we go beyond this.

We offer a number of innovative solutions that automate and streamline processes for all sorts of industries.

Licensed Qcom developers

Our products are built and designed to work with Qcom protocol. We hold a license with the Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming as a ‘Third Party Software Developer’ for both Qcom 1.6X and Qcom 3.

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