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The Guardian - Facial Recognition System

A fully integrated, market-leading system that identifies excluded persons as they enter a gaming room, by matching them against a centralised database.

A quick, easy and accurate solution to keep problem gamblers safe from harm.

Effective – A powerful harm minimisation tool that can significantly improve problem gambler detection by automating the exclusion process.

Efficient – The Guardian saves you time. No more unreliable and outdated systems, or time-consuming and manual processes.

Accurate – With its real-time automatic alert system, The Guardian minimises room for error and takes the guess work and pressure away from venue staff. 

Simple – Fully managed, turn-key solution.

Scalable – The Guardian can analyse and find matches across thousands of facial photos from a network of thousands of cameras, returning results in less than a few seconds.

Integrates – Seamless connection with third-party systems.

Customisable - Limitless expansion capabilities.

How does it work?

State-of-the-art high-definition cameras are installed in key areas around a venue. 

Facial images are extracted from a live video stream as people enter or move around the venue and sent to a cloud-based facial recognition engine which - using specialised algorithms - matches these against CONCERN – the national centralised database of excluded persons*.

If an excluded person is identified, an alert will then be sent to QEC, your chosen front of house system, or any other designated device to make venue staff aware (in real time) when an excluded person has entered the venue. 

While The Guardian identifies self-excluded problem gamblers and those excluded by the venue, it can also identify other persons of interests such as venue staff (to verify regular walk-arounds are taking place, for example). Venues have the ability to add people they have trespassed from there venue and people they would like to monitor.

* CONCERN is available as a national or state-wide database in New Zealand, Australia and beyond.

Our system works in four very simple steps:

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