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The Guardian - Facial Recognition System

The Guardian is a fully integrated facial recognition system for identifying excluded persons as they enter a gaming room

How it works

The Guardian Facial Recognition System is linked to CONCERN, which is the National Database of Excluded Persons. The system has been built using marketing leading technology to maximise facial data capture and matching capabilities.

At each venue, multiple intelligent high-definition cameras will be installed to cover the entranceway and thoroughfares. The camera uses its advanced technology to detect people entering or moving around the venue and record unique faces. 

Once the faces have been detected, the Guardian controller sends facial data to a central cloud-based, facial recognition engine, which will identify any persons of interest.

These persons of interest may be self-excluded problem gamblers registered in a database; venue staff (to verify that regular walk-arounds are taking place); or other persons of interest. 

Alerts will be generated through the QEC Venue Management System so that venue staff are made aware of an excluded person present in the gaming room, in real time.

The Guardian facial recognition solution can support thousands of cameras and execute high-speed facial matching against a database of thousands of registered persons of interest in real time. This will result in a significant improvement in excluded person detection over the current paper based system.

Key Benefits

Real-time Facial Recognition – Identify persons of interest from a large database.
Simple to implement – a fully managed, turn-key solution.
Scalable – The solution has ability to analyse and find matches across thousands of facial photos, from a network of thousands of cameras; returning results in less than a few seconds.

Our system works in four very simple steps:

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