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POI Tablet

POI functionality was originally designed for the QEC systems.  For venues who don’t have a QEC system, or would prefer POI functionality to be run on a separate device, COMS has released the stand alone POI Tablet.

How it works

This tablet is dedicated to run the POI functionality only.

The POI tablet can be wall mounted, pole mounted or mounted somewhere discretely, where only venue staff can see it. This allows the automatic scrolling of excluded persons in real time.

POI is your front of house link with CONCERN, the national database of excluded persons.

With POI installed, venue staff can view all of the venues excluded people in real time from behind the bar.

New multivenue exclusion orders are displayed on the QEC in real time, so venue staff will always have access to the latest exclusions. This greatly improves the likelihood of an excluded person being identified by the venue staff and being asked to leave the venue.

The POI Tablet can also run The Guardian Facial Recognition system.

Watch this video to learn more about the POI features available on the QEC system.

POI Identification Process