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The Core CRM is at the heart of COMS with custom field building, allowing you to store almost any type of information and then report against it. 

Our Core CRM is tailored specifically to suit NZ Class 4 gaming societies, venues, service providers and gaming equipment suppliers. COMS is always evolving to accommodate new business requirements and to leverage updated technologies.  

Core features & modules

EGM Database

This is a module providing lifetime management and reporting of EGM assets, allowing for those assets to be moved between clients/venues whilst retaining historical metrics and reporting data. This includes all GAN, BAN and CAN information.

Daily reporting

Our CRM also downloads all daily EMS reports from the EMS website automatically each day.

Asset Management

Asset Management provides lifetime management of assets other than EGMs at your venue. You can move the asset between clients/venues whilst retaining historical data.

EGM Reporting

Gaming Machine Performance Analysis providing hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and real‐time reporting on Turnover, Game Machine Profit (GMP), Average Bets and latest events (real‐time Qcom events where QEC is installed). There is also society level reporting available.

Service (Job) management & Reporting

With real‐time whiteboard views for operations center job boards and SLA tracking features.

​QEC Velocity Engine

This is an EGM event capture and exception reporting module, tightly integrated with the EGM Machines Database module linking QEC event records to EGM Machines. The QEC data is also used in the Service (Job) module to provide technicians recent event data to aid the fault diagnostic process and automatically identify service issues and notify your service provider in real time.

​Venue Audit/Compliance

This module provides venue audit functionality, site visit custom reporting, a key person register and a venue staff training register. Please see Venue Compliance for more information on these modules.

​SMS Message Gateway

Allows you to automatically trigger the notification of new job assignments to your technicians via SMS text message and/or email. You can also send custom messages directly from the dashboard within COMS at any time (additional charges apply).


This module allows logging of details concerning conversations made between two or more parties (both internal and external) via phone calls, meetings etc. It can be used as a running log per venue on what conversations and meeting are had between different staff. It could be an Area Manager or any one of the societies management or admin team. It provides a means of discussing the conversation via comments shared between staff subsequently. Most fields will be automatically populated to ensure data accuracy and some of the fields can be customised by each society. The module has the ability to attach files to this log and set any follow up required.

Key Persons

This Venue Personnel feature has been developed for Coms Admin users to enter information for all venues that include Key Persons and Venue Personnel. It includes the person’s position in the organisation, training history, PIF (Personal Information Form) completion and the ability to add notes related to that person.


Allows you to send Emails and/or SMS messages based on your preference – currently used by various Societies to notify of a warranty on the game due to expire, conversation follow up, training due, license renewal due, no turnover for EGMs for a period selected by the Society.

Advance Dashboard

Allows you to view the status of all of the machines within your fleet from screens in your office.