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COMS Detect

A fully integrated, market-leading, cloud-based facial recognition system that identifies excluded persons as they enter a gaming room, by matching them against images of excluded persons stored in the CONCERN Database. 

COMS Detect includes our new Time In Venue (TIV) function, which helps identify players who have been in your gaming area for an extended period of time. 

Key Benefits

  • CONCERN Images are displayed on the QEC or POI Tablet, which enables your staff to view the excluded person information stored in Concern. This assists in the identification of a person who is excluded from your gaming area directly from your bar area, using their unique secure PIN. 

  • COMS Detect Automatically completes an automatic ‘Incident Register’ when a detection is made. Your venue staff simply confirm the detection on the QEC or POI Tablet, select the appropriate tick boxes on screen and enter any relevant comments. 

  • A secure link to download the completed report is emailed to the venue management and relevant gaming society. 

  • When an excluded Person is detected, the image of the person entering your gaming area is shown on the QEC or POI Tablet along side the source image from CONCERN. 

  • No need for your staff to sign into CONCERN directly, to confirm the excluded person’s source image. 

  • COMS Detects’ Time in Venue function scans the faces of all people who enter your gaming area. 

  • If the same person is identified in the gaming area numerous times over a specific time period, an alert is sent to your QEC or POI Tablet, to have your venue staff intervene (as per the new gaming regulations). 

  • Proven reliable system. More than 100 systems installed into NZ Pubs & Clubs. 100% customer satisfaction. 

  • Industrial grade solution - designed specifically for Gaming Room environments. 

  • Bespoke software designed specifically to reduce false positives.

  • Various camera option available in black or white. Minimises the intrusive look of a FR camera and provides the best FR results.

  • Easy to use, full onsite training provided, backed by a 7 days per week telephone support team. Technical support provided by COMS Helpdesk & tech support team.


The QEC Tablet

Installed in the Cashiers Area or behind the Bar. 

COMS Detect Electronics

CD Node, POE Switch, QEC Router, Optional 4G Fail Over Router. 

COMS Detect Cameras

Industry Leading Facial Recognition Cameras - Range up to 40m.

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