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Harm Minimisation

COMS provides a number of systems to assist gaming venues with harm minimisation. Our systems are built to ensure compliance with the gambling act and based on industry best practice guidelines.

Person of Interest (POI)

POI is an integration on QEC that links your front of house venue management system (QEC) with CONCERN, the national database of excluded persons.

With POI installed, venue staff can view all of the venues excluded people in real time from behind the bar. Accessing POI is via the staff members individual QEC PIN number, to ensure security of the data.

New multivenue exclusion orders are displayed on the QEC in real time, so venue staff will always have access to the latest exclusions. This greatly improves the likelihood of an excluded person being identified by the venue staff and being asked to leave the venue.

The Guardian

The Guardian is a fully integrated facial recognition system for identifying excluded people as they enter a gaming room. The Guardian system will identify the persons of interest automatically and advise the venue staff via a QEC pop up that there is someone in their gaming room who shouldn’t be. Click here for more information.

Room Sweep

Room Sweep is a pop up alert that appears randomly every 30 minutes on the venues QEC system to remind venue staff to go into the gaming room and monitor their customers.

Questions can be set up within COMS for each venues QEC system. The pop up alert will prompt staff to go into the room and when they return, they are required to answer the random question asked.

The results of the room sweep are able to be printed off as a Room Sweep Report from within COMS.  This can be used by venue management as part of their ongoing harm minimisation training with their staff.

Incident Register

We have built an electronic incident register into QEC. This allows venue staff to record incidents or notes on player behaviour in real time, whilst still behind the bar.

The incident register is a series of questions enabling staff to log any incidents in the bar, gaming room, TAB or other area within the venue.  These questions can be customised as required.

Once an incident report is completed, in can be viewed on the QEC (so other staff can review) or accessed by venue management or by the society through the COMS daily reports section.