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COMS Cash Management

The only online solution available in the New Zealand Market. A complete end-to-end cash management and compliance verification solution which will assist venues balancing their total gaming float.

COMS Cash Management has been built specifically for the NZ Class 4 gaming sector and works seamlessly with our COMS System and our QEC front of house gaming management system.

It is a venue tool to balance your cash, eftpos and CITO transactions. COMS Cash Management uses QEC data which is synchronized with COMS in real time (or EMS data on smaller venues).

Benefits to Society

COMS Cash Management:

  • is the only web and cloud based solution in the market. 
  • can be run on any device that runs Google Chrome. This means COMS Cash Management can be deployed quickly and easily on the venues current office computers.
  • produces all the required DIA forms using the actual DIA templates, to ensure full compliance with the NZ Class 4 Game Rules.
  • automatically checks the venues daily balancing results against EMS expected results and notifies support staff if there is a difference.
  • gives the Society full visibility on the state of the venues gaming machines and gaming float and proves tools that will allow your staff to quickly identify any venue float or balancing issue.
  • automatically produces and files the venues GMA’s and all associated monthly reports. No office staff interaction required.
  • allows all venues to use the same cash management system, regardless of the number of machines or level of turnover.
  • will notify support staff if a venue has failed to bank within the expected time frame.
  • provides the efficiency gains of a ‘single source of truth’ that is the COMS information management core system.

Benefits to Venues

COMS Cash Management:

  • provides accurate and real time float management and tracking.
  • delivers cash management in 3 easy steps.
  • provides high quality data quickly and reliably.
  • is a flexible solution that caters to a variety of float balancing systems that venues adopt.
  • manages day to day activities of all gaming machines and ensures compliance of DIA reporting.
  • tracks the venues weekly banking requirements and will remind the venue to bank their GMP in time.
  • allows venue owners and managers to manage all aspects of their gaming operation remotely.


We use Teamviewer on both our QEC units and to support our venues. To download Teamviewer 14 please click the button below or alternatively visit their website