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3C Printer

A ticket printing system that allows players to receive cash pay-outs via coupon to redeem at a cash redemption terminal.

How does it work?

Whenever a gaming machine creates a cancel credit, QEC (front of house gaming system) gives the gaming attendant the option to pay the player in cash or to print a ticket from the 3C Printer.  

The player can then redeem the ticket at the cash redemption terminal or note breaker. 

Venue staff can request a refill ticket when a hopper is empty and obtain the value of the Refill from the CRT.

Eftpos Withdrawals - a ticket can be printed for the accepted amount and taken to the CRT to redeem.

The 3C Printer can be added to any QEC that operates a cash redemption terminal (including CITO and non-CITO gaming rooms).

  • Safe and secure – Allows majority of gaming float to be secured in the cash redemption terminal, reducing risk of theft and armed robbery.
  • Efficient - Less physical contact between staff and players.
  • Accurate - Reduces risk of human error.
  • Future proof – Compatible with Ticket in Ticket Out (TITO) solutions.

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