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3C Printer

The 3C Printer can be added to any QEC system in Gaming venues that operate a CRT (Cash Redemption Terminal) or a Note Breaker. This includes both CITO and Non-CITO gaming rooms.

How it works

Whenever a Gaming Machine creates a Cancel Credit, the QEC gives the Gaming Attendant the option to pay the player with cash, or to print a ticket with the 3C Printer. This ticket can then be redeemed by the player at the NoteBreaker or CRT.

This ensures that almost 100% of the Gaming Float can be secured in the CRT, reducing the risk of theft, human error and armed robbery. It also reduces physical contact between the player and the attendant.

Interested in finding out more?

If you have more questions or are interested in adding 3C Printer to your QEC system please get in touch.