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You can now have a dedicated EFTPOS terminal for your gaming operation which is fully integrated with QEC and COMS Cash Management.

COMS Systems has selected Eftco as our EFTPOS partner. 

Based in Hamilton, Eftco Limited is a New Zealand owned company that has been supplying POS and EFTPOS solutions to the NZ market for over 15 years. Eftco is a payment solutions provider which has a client base ranging from large nationally distributed retail sites such as Bunnings to small sole trader operations, supporting 3500 clients with over 6000 EFTPOS terminals nationwide.

How will it work?

The EFTPOS terminal will be fully integrated with your QEC System and COMS Cash Management software.

This means the EFTPOS Settlement funds can be deposited directly into your society bank account, and the total EFTPOS amount automatically deducted from the venues weekly banking requirement. COMS Cash Management will provide you with the required reporting to ensure this process is seamless and simple to reconcile.

Alternatively, the settlement funds can go directly into the venues own account and therefore the venues weekly banking requirement calculation will remain status quo.

What is required?

There will be both a hardware and software upgrade required to accommodate EFTPOS. 

The QEC System will need a software upgrade. This software will be deployed remotely by our support staff. This can be done overnight to avoid disruption to the gaming operation.

At present, all QEC Systems have a dedicated and secure “3 port” Router connecting the QEC System to the Sniffer in the gaming room and then to the internet. This router will need to be upgraded to a 4G router and switch that can accommodate the additional EFTPOS connection requirements. 

Once the QEC System has been upgraded and the router replaced, EFTCO’s own network of service technicians will install the EFTPOS terminal, connect it to the QEC System and carry out the appropriate testing.

Note: The EFTPOS terminal rental agreement will be between the society and Eftco Limited.

​Can I connect my existing EFTPOS terminal or purchase a terminal outright?

Our QEC Software is certified to work with EFTPOS. For this reason, we need to limit the development to a single solution. Therefore, only Eftco’s Ingenico ICT250 terminal will be able to connect to your QEC System. 

The Ingenico ICT250 is a current model terminal actively deployed in NZ and around the world. The ICT250 is PCI PED version 3 compliant handled EFTPOS Terminal. Its planned life cycle in the NZ market is currently through to 2022.

All EFTPOS terminals in the NZ market are subject to strict compliance regulations both hardware (PCI PED) and software (EMV). Both protocols give any EFTPOS terminal a finite life. Therefore purchasing the terminals outright is not a cost effective option as the compliance and licencing requirements for purchased terminals is complex and time consuming. 

As part of the terminal rental agreement, it is Eftco’s responsibility to ensure the compliance of the terminal for both hardware and software compliance for the term of the rental agreement and also service and support the unit in case of breakdowns.

How does servicing work?

As part of the terminal rental agreement, COMS has negotiated a 'Swap out Service' for the term of the rental agreement. 

  • Eftco will hold standby equipment at its premises and other nominated holding points to replace any faulty equipment. 
  • Software faults will be managed by way of remote download using the Equipment Supplier's Terminal Management System (TMS). 
  • EFTCO Technicians are available to provide On Site Service if needed, but additional charges apply
Eftco's service locations

Eftco's service locations