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Henderson RSA

The Henderson Returned and Services Association (RSA) moved to the COMS gaming operating system because it is the leading gaming management system available in New Zealand.

Technically COMS are the industry leader, introducing and utilizing new technology into its system on a regular basis which allows the Class 4 Gaming Sector to easily manage, process and understand the data coming from our gaming machines.

The QEC itself provides a simple, clear dashboard of all of our machines in operation, including hopper float levels, cancelled credits and hopper refills, along with jackpot payouts.

The Persons Of Interest module takes away the burden of uploading newly excluded persons and can be linked up to facial recognition, alerting staff when an excluded person enters the building.

We utilize the Eftpos facility linked to the QEC to allow patrons to deposit their winnings directly into their bank account, rather than carry wads of money on their person.  We also allow patrons to withdraw money from the Eftpos to use in the gaming room.

The Cash Management system in the back office is easy to use and understand and provides a vast amount of reporting options to review data on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.  This assists in ongoing machine upgrades and replacement.  It is also linked to Cash In – Ticket Out (CITO) which we are currently in the process of installing in our site.

COMS Systems Ltd is a great company to work with.  Their team has a wealth of knowledge in Class 4 Gaming and they are all very technically savvy, being at the forefront of gaming technology in New Zealand.

Barry Rieper
Manager, Henderson RSA