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Four Winds Foundation

Four Winds Foundation embraces and highly recommends the innovative products offered by COMS such as QEC, Cash Management, Facial recognition, CITO, Persons of interest (POI) & 3C printers. The COMS suite of products has been instrumental to the growth and ongoing success of Four Winds Foundation by providing accurate high-level electronic tracking technology and easy-to-use professional management systems with all results stored as a permanent electronic record able to be accessed from anywhere 24/7.

COMS products has allowed us to offer our customers the best technology available. Prior to using COMS products we utilised other programmes that were not fit for purpose and changing to COMS was a gamechanger for Four Winds Foundation and for the way we conduct business on a daily basis providing tangible benefits for Four Winds Foundation and its customers.

We chose COMS because they were owned and operated by local experienced people well respected within the industry and who knew exactly what services were required to vastly improve industry standards. COMS have always adopted a two pronged approach, perfecting and updating existing services to an exceptionally high-standard while developing new innovative industry products to improve operating standards. COMS have always engaged professionally with their customers by offering exceptionally high service levels during every contact.

I would be happy to be personally contacted by any existing or potential new customer to provide an overview of a highly professional company that offers innovative technology and exceptionally high service levels.

Randal Godfrey
General Manager, Four Winds Foundation