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Cash In Ticket Out - by NZ360

Experience the latest Technology in Gaming with the New CITO Ticket2Go System

The Ticket2Go CITO System is the latest in global ticketing technology allowing NZ customers to operate a CITO system in their gaming lounge.

CITO has a number of benefits including reducing the daily workload of operating a busy gaming room, by eliminating Hopper Refills and greatly reducing the number of cancel credits and coin related machine faults. 

This allows venue operators to focus on their core business, while providing a better environment for focusing on harm prevention. The addition of a CRT (Cash Redemption Terminal) provides security for the staff and significantly reduces the risk of armed robbery and/or theft. All cash can now be safely secured in the CRT.

QEC allows the scanning of tickets and float management. Both Cash Redemption Terminals are linked to QEC. COMS Cash Management provides your venues with a system to balance CITO.


  • No More Hoppers
  • No More Hopper Refills
  • No More Weighing Hoppers
  • Staff Don't Handle Cash
  • Less Downtime on Machines
  • Reduces Risk of Theft & Robbery
  • Improved Security for Gaming Float


Procedure guides

COMS is the only product in New Zealand that is integrated to NZ360s Ticket 2 Go CITO System.

For more information please contact:

Derek Hooker – NZ360 (2015) Ltd
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